The Near Best of Patrick Brayer: Diamonds in the Barbecue

by Patrick Brayer

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released April 13, 2017



all rights reserved
Track Name: Bar Owner's Daughter
Bar Owner's Daughter (edit)

she's a bar owner's daughter / she's been raised a certain way
rough around the edges / but beautiful at play
and play she will, until closing time

don't make me raise my guidelines / don't make me venerate
bar stools full of ex's / she tried to incinerate
but now her eyes, turn to candy on the vine

you fight fire with fire / water with rain
satellite dishes in poverty / if you want to play her game
you might find yourself, knee high in the snow
you've been to her trailer / they watched you cross the tracks
it's another world for certain / fallen through the cracks
but she has lace curtains, but that’s about it

you met her drunken father / he crushed your hand to say
the things you want from his daughter / it is to him that you will pay
and pay you will, for a long long time
but her skin it remained innocent / as the rest of her life lay frying
the way she stood there with her guard dog / putting clothes upon the line
and you won't forget, for a long long time

you've been watching a gold t.v. / that her dancing ways had bought
in a show about a spider / you thought of her a lot
because she has habits, in the shape of webs
now he sat in his ford pinto / to evaluate his life
are these the plastic seats / that you want to share with your wife
he had just enough gas to run and hide

as he tore away / he saw her in the rear view mirror
in a short short skirt laughing / and shaking up a beer
but she was cursing at the very same time

written by : patrick brayer
Track Name: Turn Your Love Down
Turn Your Love Down
Written by: Patrick Brayer (adm. Bug Music)

You were mine when we first met
I can’t say that I miss you yet
Your lies are tall, they’re way too strong
So goodbye honey right or wrong

Turn your love down
Turn your love around
Where will I go when it’s all through
What will I do

A year’s gone by and here you are
You say you’ll never close another bar
It’s too late now, it’s false it’s wrong
It seems I’ve waited just a tear too long


well you turned my love down and you wrecked my pride
your eyes of ice they never cried
don’t try now it’s false it’s wrong
it seems I’ve waited just a tear too long


I asked you in the starlight why
Your act and you are way high
A deceitful heart I can hear it pound
And turns your own love down
Track Name: No Short Cut To The Roses
No Short Cut to the Roses

there’s no short cut to the roses
like there is to the wine
no path of least resistance
that I can un-refine

I droop with sorrow and drip with gold
while the moon holds it’s head up high
glory be when glory’s gone
somewhere between you and i

your looking for an honest way out
out of the bars to what’s left behind
but there’s no short cut to the roses
like there is to the wine

like the ripe sun on your buick
you look in the junk pile for your lucky dime
you can no sooner marry just for relief
than hold a claim on the sideshow of time

mother’s quilt and father’s harley
hawks nesting in the age old trees
like you the higher the better
doing only as you please
life is only as simple as you forget it is
then it seems to quantify
turning back on you in your dreams
as the salt when you cry

but it’s also a hope that only makes sense
when you recognize it’s likes
before the roses in your life
turn to wine drenched railroad spikes

written by: Patrick Brayer
Track Name: She Took Me To The Kingdom Too
you took me to the kingdom

take me to the general / take me to the captain too
take me to the leader / of this war I’m having with you
take me to the church steps / don’t take this view from me of you
doves dressed up like a woman / you took me to the kingdom too

take me to the kingdom / of your shoulder blade
wipe the sweat from me / of the mistakes I’ve made
along and through / the voice I save for you
it upon you / takes me to the kingdom too

when this day / turns to night
and is hedged in / hedged in its last light
not all things abstract are wrong
when the past has passed us and the future is gone
you took me for granted / everyone knows that’s true
but hey, listen here / you took me to the kingdom too
strolling thru the orange groves / just you and me and love
footsteps fall behind us / the stars they fall above
I push aside a bough / and the blossoms they endow
to let you walk on through so fair / with moon drenched locks of hair
I’m just happy for the good in life / the bad tone leaves you raw
you took my house and car but that’s nothing / compared to the kingdom that I saw

written by: patrick brayer
Track Name: Bourbon As A Second Language
bourbon as a second language

bourbon as a second language / trails across mankind
bourbon as a second language / I will speak my mind
bourbon as a crowning touch / el tormente, soften me up
somewhere n the echo of a babies cry for more
my first language is no more

dirty little steel town / where even the birds sound dry
reflections of the hard hat / still in your mother's eye
I see the artists of the shot glass / in the heaven's regret
with canadian clubs pounding black crows out of black velvet
between the juke box and the bar stool / and time travel
I begin to dream / as the smokey mirrors unravel
you can put your ear up to the bottle / almost hear the world as it stops
then almost hear the sound of the wind in the georgia tree tops

it's a scholarship for strangers / cheap perfume and danger
for the imigrants of lonliness / I will sing my song
it takes all kinds of people to drink my world
it takes a man to make a boy / a woman to make a girl
it takes a neon education / to spread things this long and thin
and when you double me / I.W. Harper is my friend
princess of nicotine / rise up and burn a tired eye
when your a rocky man it actually / takes more effort not to cry
in the residue of the present / the past and the future crumble
stone by stone / as store by store we stumble

you carve the good old days in to a tree / with a capital D. capital A.Z.E.
putting glory back in your story again

written by : patrick brayer (9-7-94)
Track Name: I'm Going To Love You In Advance
I’m Going Love You In Advance

it’s a see-saw / situation
sometimes up sometimes down
to burn upon / consideration
steal a kiss from upon a frown

what are you gonna hold that’s hopeful
what are you gonna wager in the dawn
as the sun sets on flamingos staked in the gravel
and elves hold guard upon our lawn

some feelings / never come round
to anticipate is often to late
you can’t smoke in the house, you can’t drink in the car
and most action is to hesitate

I’m mighty popular / it might seem
if you count all my friends in heaven and on earth
times running thin / no time to dance
so I’m gonna love you in advance

I’m gonna love you / before you know it
and when you do it will be too late
you can’t shoot me down / nor break the trance
because I’ve already loved you in advance

written by: Patrick Brayer
Track Name: Death Holds The Longest Kiss
Death Holds The Longest Kiss

Sunlight doesn’t apologize
When it rolls over the hill
A ring finger is cut on the brambles
A pie is cooling on the sill

The glass of light, and the shadow of doubt
Being gone is never what it’s all about
Nothing here is nothing here to miss
And death holds the longest kiss
False teeth on the organ
Wilting flowers in the vase
I’ve got to get myself to johnson’s pasture
And an open sky embrace

The gravedigger is out on bail
The rattlesnake has diamonds in his tail
When forever isn’t any longer than this
Death holds the longest kiss
Foothills fill the windshield
White white belly of the cloud
a bruise the size of the hope diamond
Yet your still walking proud

You ask all the questions that bring a refrain
You’re all sundress and tacos and pink champagne
You don’t have to answer any louder than this
For death holds the longest kiss

Written by: Patrick Brayer
Track Name: The Long View Home
Taking the Long View Home

I’m taking on the long view / on this drive without you
if you don’t pick up the phone / you are still all alone
taking the long view home

sorting out my problems / swimming pool blue eyes so fine
so many lives spread before me / make it a little harder to find mine
she’s a boxer’s third-string girlfriend / a realization to my head
that we bury all the living / so much deeper than the dead
a heart nestled in mink / still cold as the bottom of a well
good for a drink in the desert / false as the ocean in an empty shell
this is not a vague suggestion / or a local remark
it’s spread across my windshield / pressed against the dark
coyote’s sing a melody / as on a torture rack
it‘s a long view on a short string / and only forward will bring you back
I’ve gone over all my choices / consulted all my inner voices
was this life a gift, or was that gift a loan / now I’m taking the long view home

written by: patrick brayer
dedicated to stuart duncan on his birth arena
Track Name: Riding Into Town
Riding Into Town

your riding into town my darling / after all that’s done and said
riding into town my darling / hold up you little head

it was no dream the other night / when we met we had a fight
it wasn’t good but it was real / and now I know how others feel

you’ve got you pride or so you said / said you wished that I was dead
pulled a gun out of your purse / now I’m riding in a hearse

whenever you hear the cold wind blow / that’s just me going too and fro
I’m just a ghost that lived and fell / but I’ll make your life a living hell

god cannot save you from harm / nor a shamrock tattoo on you arm
every bottle has a bottom and an empty state / like you the maker of my fate

I know you’ll look pretty at my graveside / paint and powder all applied
stand apart from my friends / until you meet your earthly end

written by: patrick brayer
Track Name: Standing There
Standing There

the very first time I saw you / you were standing in the rain
the very last time I saw you / it was like you invented pain

and I’m sitting and I’m holding / everything I thought was mine
I’m low down here and sorry / as I spill a glass of wine

that you fill up with poison / I feel better as I fall
I’m glad I brought you flowers / when I done came to call

you look pretty as you stand or’me / lipstick hanging in the air
you fortify your stockings / with one leg up on the chair
standing there / standing there
you fortify your stockings / just standing there

I must be patient with the shadows / I thought it rather crude
that it wasn’t my life that spooled before me / but someone I never knew

I’d been cheated it appears / but I didn’t seem to mind
I rather felt it was a favor / the first time that you’d been kind
standing there / standing there
I rather felt it was a favor / you just standing there

so I’ll meet you at the gravesite / pallbearers be my legs
black shawl, pale skin, and green grass / and you get all the dregs

I’m free, I’m free I thank you / and now let the freedom start
I hope that they don’t catch you / though you’ve never been that smart

it’s really hard to tell / who used who and why
as now you learn to live / with what I learned to die

moon be gold tonight / and do beget her hair
with a face like milk upon the shadow / my ghost be standing there
standing there / standing there
a face like milk upon the shadow / just standing there

written by: Patrick Brayer
Track Name: You Broke The Sky
You Broke The Sky

there's something that blesses this battle of life
and puts an ear to the landscape of life
the only ghosts are into your eye
and then before wecry / you broke the sky

a faded voice brushes acrossed my hand
and sings about the place i stand
when the waiting rays swing by ropes
a family, a fragile wreath of hopes
your squashed back slippers / your final shoes are true
and in my final down hill path to you / you broke the sky

flowers burn exhaust red
and i can still smell the bed
that chaos begs upon the horizon
that goodbye at the garage door
that i was you and you were i / didn't answer why
you broke the sky

you broke the sky
you distill the heart when you cry
love doesn't last a second longer than it needs
to carry you above and by
to my vision out / you broke the sky

there's a blue heart planted in a desert calm
you cry a spoken tear into the palm
like the white flour on the bakery seats
memory pours in sheets
somewhere near my words a wrye
in tan recline / you broke the sky

as i stumble in this prison / you made a ghost of my eyes
but you have taught me better / than to not realize
that you've got to take what is given / and then draw in your hand
and take it to the emptiness / that vacates the land
the land up on high / you broke the sky

i saved your last cup of coffee / i put it on a box frame on the wall
god was useless when asked why / why you broke the sky
nothing will mend nor undenie
with my love you broke the sky

written by : patrick brayer (8-29-99)
(for ralph william brayer 1921-1999)
Track Name: Cry Master
Cry Master

she had a way of walking and a moonlight way of talking
and a way of saying, just what I was praying
some people are chosen, some lives are frozen
some people never lie, some secrets never die

and these blues that you just can't loose
when she's walkin in her silent shoes
disaster, cry master, my masterpiece is gone

this little tumbleweed town, was never going to let her down
we are born in a line, as we march right straight through time
will the white winter grass loose it's meaning, when she stops being
nothing stands and nothing falls, nothing echoes through these empty halls
now she rests on a hillside and glows in the still tide
and sheds her skin of chrystal, that I dream of by the fistfull
there's a little reflection in my recollection
that falls by the way, in the oily rainbow's ray
i'm a sea heavy dove, gliding in the black canals of love
does one true woman from the past, sharpen every single blade of grass
empty clothes lie so abstract, upon the bed and upon the fact
one more syncopated drink, and a memory that just won't blink
i'm telling you life is but a dream, rising up to you like steam
tuning for another song, my masterpiece is gone

written by : patrick brayer
Track Name: Cry Fool Cry
Cry Fool Cry

I’m singing a song to myself
as if I were somebody else
the sun crept up tried and true
I’m singing to me, but I’m singing through you

I hope roses don’t mind the thorns
people are just cattle without the horns
except the devil wild and free
singing to himself, a little like me

why fool why, do you cry fool cry
when you lie fool lie, instead of try fool try
drink fool drink, before you think fool think
blink fool blink, before you sink fool sink

I’m not heroic but I work real hard
I don’t get dirty, nor carry a card
to tell you where and when I belong
when my rights get tired of my wrong

I’m going back to rosena and it’s going to be hard
because it only exists in my heart
and if I go in there I may never come out
to this present world of weeds and rural route

sing a little ballad about hometown love
a space ship landing on the boxing club
took a peurto rican kid into the sky
and set him back down with a tear in his eye

slag dust is like incense to the working man
hard hat and lunch box an extension of the hand
a woman in an apron, a soup on the stove
turns a homeless image when you start to rove

written by: Patrick Brayer
valentine’s day
Track Name: Breaking My Own Heart
I’m Breaking My Own Heart

parched and dry as a dead man’s tears
you speak to my eyes / you don’t reach my ears
my feelings have grown sore

i once saw myself in a good man’s eyes
on the worst of days you were my prize
i once felt myself in a good man’s core
but i can’t find myself in the mirror any more

a mirror can be broken / but never torn apart
it‘s just one less job for you i’m doing / i’m breaking my own heart

if you don’t like transition you won’t like change
take like a hill person to the grange
don’t’ be vengeful / that almost never shines

you’ve got to roll with consequences / wield a dagger full of sun
retaliate with wisdom / let the new love come
plant patsy cline roses and let them climb
and i’ve lost myself in the mirror of time

you can’t pry a memory from a man / when a memory is his hope
it’s a working situation / not a hangman’s rope
i would cry / if i weren’t so in love
and the sky weren’t just a mirror up above
like an escape artist who takes it on the circuit
i will damage my own heart if i don’t know how to work it
you can take it / and fashion yourself a glove

the pomona valley like a sugar bowl of houses
clouds genuflect the color of waitress’ blouses
like the wings of a dove / your eyes close
is it me that the mirror never shows?

practice makes perfect / although perfect no one likes
until now the forest can be blamed / for the match that one fool strikes
in breaking / breaking his own heart

written by: patrick brayer
Track Name: Rolex Tattoo
The Rolex Tattoo

he has got a rolex tattoo / he got at the prison farm
he doesn’t want to talk about it / or about the harm
or her, or her hair / or her valiant eyes
or the sweltering june night’s past / of her cries

now the fog came in / as thick as cotton
like a ghostly herd of cattle / a long time forgotten
and I don’t know what it’s called / when the heart opens up
when the ribs then hold it out / like a red coffee cup

if I had a tamale for every time / in which the times got hard
I’d open up a stand of my own / on the boulevard
I’d serve mangoes on a stick / with chili powder just for fun
because it matched so perfectly / the setting sun

the sight of the rolex tattoo / where time it holds still
and the silence ticks away / upon and at your will
prison clothes, prison food, prove that it’s mighty rough
and that you cannot close your eyes / hard enough

you built a family from the ground on up / you and her, and her and hope
and then you lassoed the clouds / with blue and silver rope
he worked on his chevy, she baked corn flour cakes
and the little children that they had / they fished the burgeoning lakes

he cried “and if I was the pope I’d cut the ribbon / in ceremony on this strip mall
just to say out loud and true / that I’ve done it all
but there’d still be an aspect frozen / in the relativity
because I just don’t know, because I just can’t show / what you’re doing to me”

(repeat first verse)

written by:patrick brayer
Track Name: High Heels Sinking In The Sand
High Heels Sinking In the Sand

worship is like a chainsaw in a little child's hand (xx)
another man reacted
when your claws retracted
but I see your high heels sinkin in the sand

neon on lip stick shining with wine (xx)
your blonde hair on the branches
with your lover taking chances
but I feel your high heels sinkin in the sand

in the sand, in the sand, high heels sinkin in the sand
into another’s heart your pushing, like a primal pin cushion
like high heels sinkin in the sand

heart breakers heart breakers they never seem to smile (xx)
never smile all the while
though the vines of lies have style
but I feel your high heels sinkin in the sand

summer time is over and the night has grown so wild (xx)
with heaps of violets on your lap
and the fragrance of the trap
and swish like high heels sinkin in the sand


they call her stained class liza, a church unto her self (xx)
who ever thought you were faking
is history in the making
but I see your high heels sinkin in the sand

when the moon has done it's silver and the smoke rings descend (xx)
to the trail of love me nots
that connect all the dots
of high heels sinkin in the sand


written by: patrick brayer
Track Name: Losing Ground
losing ground

she drove herself into your heart just like a nail
she pulled up in a thunderbird, make-up white as hale
I suspected everyone that drank so heartily to my health
but forgot it seems to ever expect myself

I want someone to paint your portrait on the inside of my eyes
all dressed up for me in your see through dress of lies

I’m not lost, but certainly not found
I’m not lost but I’m losing ground
I’m losing ground upon my senses
backed up against chain link fences
I’ve got an ice chest full of ideas for songs
I see the past where the future belongs
like you were mother earth from the bees on down
losing you for me was just me losing ground

storm cloud colored eyes and hair the color of rice
her lips always seem to be wet, like she was chewing on ice
but oh what a talent, the way she walks, that tells of other talents to lend
a man thinks he might follow her to the garden of eden-
but he’s forgot how that story ends

written by: patrick brayer
Track Name: Sooner Or Later
Sooner or Later
(two words that don’t say when)

the heart it soon crashes / just like wine glasses
the moon runs through the orange groves all alone
the wind it blows by me / it tells me to hate her
but that is cold history / sooner or later

sooner or later / two words that don’t say when
it’s just a matter of walking/ but that’s ain’t the sin
but if you know your mind / then it will be so kind
but if you don’t / then it won’t / sooner or later

now I just can’t take / your rowdy crowd
they all talk and drink / and laugh too loud
do right, do wrong / all you want to do is tag along
you’ll have to take a detour / sooner or later


written by: patrick brayer
pre 1979
Track Name: Anything But Us
Anything But Us

let’s synchronize our watches / let’s have a party too
let me pull your pretty dress / let us break our will in two
clouds so full of rain / they just seem to bust
it’s not the end of everything / it’s just the end of us

we danced we burned we roared / salt and pennies on the day
left no warm red wine unfinished / packed my cowboy books away
when we talk about the good times / you blush the color of rust
it’s not the end of anything / anything but us

why live life in a tunnel / when there’s a whole wide mountain view
stand back a little, like an X-ray in the sun / let me have a look at you
where man once stood barefoot / on the earth’s golden crust
we’re not the end of everything / we’re just the end of us

(repeat first verse)
pepper trees smell / of angels treading dust
it’s not the end of everything / it’s just the end of us

written by patrick brayer
Track Name: 40 Days and 40 Fights
Forty Days and Forty Fights

the bees are making / mother father sister honey
and the blue jays stand back / as she spends all her money
if i never get beyond / these women and this gold
a skeleton in the flower bed / is a late night story told
when you've come above this game called tears
and i've lost faith in all by fears (the fear of...)
40 days and 40 fights / across the burning bedroom
i stand so still / like cactus in the car light
and draw a heart in the dust of the moonlight

i'm my only child / and a zen master's smith and wesson
my lips are turning blue / in the cold water of this lesson
she's got a PHD in troublology
she paints her nails / the color of the university
and there's a poison gun / and a fresco of angels
painted on a cross-cut saw
there's a certain light / that only the blood sees in the bone light
that puts out that flame around her law (a law of...)
the last time we made love / the Berlin wall came down
we've gotta do our part to save this world
at what point do we owe the world another tradgedy
searching without looking has always been my majesty
a lion becomes the jungle / a cage becomes the heart
like a tongue my thoughts go back and forth
i can taist it when they start (the taste of...)
i've got this little quarter inch steelmill / in the center of my mind
why not see the beauty in distraction / not the pecking beek of time
but i see a painted picture on your ankle / were the shadows lurk
as you follow and play the accordian / while i do my work (my work of...)

written by: Patrick Brayer
Track Name: Living On The Outskirts
Living on the Outskirts (the outskirts of down)

a little bitty glass of wine / a little bitty glass of beer
living on the outskirts of a broken mirror
two nickels and a dime / and I will call you mine
I’m living on the outskirts of my mind

is it too late to be sad / did I miss that too
did I miss that train that’s leaving you

you can’t go to the city / with a cabin in your eyes
they’re gonna know you’re a hayseed / gawking at the sky

the things I leave behind / and the things I hold for true
make a corn flower arrangement / of the words I write for you
and I write them real / and I write them long
I write them in the dirt of the path that you are on

they’re pullin up the tracks behind us / as we move on down the line
if they want to catch us now / we’ve got no boundaries from behind

written by: patrick brayer
Track Name: My Glass Alibi
My Glass Alibi

as I sit alone in my darkest hours
your memory a forest fire of flowers
you treated me to the fires of a cold divorce
and talk so gentle when you force
barren space upon a crowded lie
and our glass alibi

a glass of whiskey is bigger than a diamond
but harder to hold up the ladder / that now I am climbin'
up into disgrace and the chain temptation
your hat and bags pointed towards the railroad station
the court room floor felt just like the tavern under my feet
where the same kind of people I didn't know took their seat
the people no longer exist that knew us best
the judge looking like a barkeep in a mourner's dress

when I want to have a cup of coffee with a fool
I look for a mirror and I begin the duel
between who I was and who it is I see
and my glass alibi, replacing her with me
confused and unfair as a steel guitar with bobbed wire strings
the smell of smoke rings on your wings
I'm staying at the wasted life motel just out back
where the truth lies like a flower on a railroad track

my heart was a torch, an ember cleft
you lit your opium on me and then you left
I hallucinated you a queen on her knees and me a king so tall
and some people have no alibi at all

written by : patrick brayer
Track Name: Field and Stream (of the bottle and the glass)
field and stream

there's a matchbook in his pocket from a honky tonk
and he told her he was hunting with his friends
like those ten matches he burned down
with his friends standing around
a juke box was the moonlight on a sea of smoke

when he put his rifle back into its rack he didn't lie
though every drink he took seemed to somehow-
now stream from her eyes
like many men he was addicted to green eyed women
painted up with cheap cigars and steel guitars
he'd feel her soft sweater when he brought her down at last
in the field and stream
in the field and stream
in the field and stream of the bottle and the glass

the t.v. screen made a blue light up on the silence
the sunrise was a white tiger on the hill
his every desperate explanation was still in the terms -
of a hunting game
because loose women, just like wild prey, have no names
but she felt sorrier for him than for herself out on that limb
overlooking a honky tonk abyss that uncreated him

there was a metal flake drum set out in the jungle
peanuts like gun shells on the floor
20 years from now / she'd find it cleaver how
he didn't lie, he was hunting with his friends

the bartender poured him a sparrow colored drink-
with a game warden's smile
as he pulled the trigger on a golden lock of hair
his wife waited in a beat up robe
printed with passion flowers she lost hope
but she managed a smile / after a while
because he didn't lie, he was hunting with his friends

written by: patrick brayer
Track Name: Turn Your Love Down
Turn Your Love Down
Written by: Patrick Brayer (adm. Bug Music)

You were mine when we first met
I can’t say that I miss you yet
Your lies are tall, they’re way too strong
So goodbye honey right or wrong

Turn your love down
Turn your love around
Where will I go when it’s all through
What will I do

A year’s gone by and here you are
You say you’ll never close another bar
It’s too late now, it’s false it’s wrong
It seems I’ve waited just a tear too long


well you turned my love down and you wrecked my pride
your eyes of ice they never cried
don’t try now it’s false it’s wrong
it seems I’ve waited just a tear too long


I asked you in the starlight why
Your act and you are way high
A deceitful heart I can hear it pound
And turns your own love down
Track Name: Give My Heart A Try
Give My Heart a Try

we whisper through the motions / like a Tallahassee bridge
our hearts are like bandits / scaling up a ridge
to a mansion on the hill / to which we resign we may never live
and now I hold my hand to you / baby it’s all I’ve got to give

take what’s pleasant / and turn it on its side
when you drive by the cement mountain / you might think that nature lied
but have I got a deal for you / pearl sky and open cry
how many lives have we / before you give my heart a try

I know it would be a miracle / a miracle at your feet
what woman doesn’t like adoration / that woman I’m yet to meet
I’ve got a trailer and a lifestyle / that’s just built for being true
a home warmer than a bank vault / and a table set for two

take what’s pleasant / and turn it on its side
if you only ever do one thing for me / give my heart a try

the moon may be a crescent / but just as strong is the pull
when the half of me that’s missing / is the half of you that’s full
it could be in a motel or an alley / or a Saturday night fish fry

yes that’s my pick up blocking the driveway / won’t you give my heart a try

let’s not make up an ending / or shout out reasons why
let’s just meet out in the open / where you can give my heart a try

written by: Patrick Brayer
Track Name: Carter's Grave
Carter’s Grave

I pulled into the clinch mountains
guitar case in my hand
I drove all of a thousand miles
just to sing to a man

I found the farm and I made my way back
until I found the place
the moon over my shoulder I began to sing
at the foot of carter’s grave

he held a candle so that we might see
our weary way through the dark
he suffered pain so that we might see
what a man might do to leave his mark

the evening pulled its coal black drapes
damp as a cold dark cave
the moon was like a light at the end of a tunnel
at the foot of carter’s grave

I began to sing and one by one
my words were puffs of mist
I thought it was sad how we drag ourselves down
praying hands roll into fists

but everything is a lesson
like the night chases away the day
the moon on my shoulder I continued to sing
at the foot of carter’s grave
the black swan of death came one day
and left all of which he gave
so that now my eyes are brimmed with tears
at the foot of carter’s grave

and as the years fly by like some wild birds
this moment I shall always save
for I saw a rainbow in the chill
rise up at carter’s grave

written by: Patrick Brayer
Track Name: No More Dreams
No More Dreams

death has found me / in this crowd
alone like the sun never meets the moon
as the birds they sing from the church bells hollow
and the voices they ring down at noon

with no more dreams of days of shelter
the skies melting horns and the lips of saints
with the meeting of the angel wings
when the sun’s golden trumpet sings

from my bed I whisper softly
as my friends bring halos to me too late
and I can’t watch their melting eyes
in which I can see a useful fate
dress my grave in roadside flowers
and forget you ever knew me when
for I see shallow prayers in your eyes
as I reach our from earthly end
written by: Patrick Brayer